Re: Window manager for screenshot.

..--==-  Wed, 15 Jul 1998 17:43:39 +0200,
..--==-  Philipp Meier (PM) mentioned:

 PM)  Raja Vallee-Rai wrote:
 )) Stuart Parmenter wrote: > > fvwm2.  goto
 )) Hmm, thanks!
 )) Say, I tried following the instructions and unzipping the
 )) FvwmTheme.tar.gz in my home directory, and it works sort
 )) of... none of my windows have the neat decorations.
 )) I have fvwm2.0.46 installed, as it comes out of the box for RedHat
 )) 5.0.  Does anybody know what the problem could be?  (fvwm2 doesn't
 )) complain about not being able to find) the styles, and as far as I
 )) can tell it does load windowstyles.fvwm2 which defines the title
 )) bars.

 PM)   I had to twiggle with Style "*" UseStyle GreenLinestyle and
 PM)  replaced it with Style "*" UseDecor GreenLine, Color
 PM)  grey20/#336666

 PM)  then it worked for me :)


I've just uploaded some fvwm2 RPMS/SRPM to Red Hat contrib which are
the same as the 5.1 RPM with a tiny patch to fix UseStyle which was
broken by the iconboxes patch that RH added.  This might fix your

This bug was in 5.0 and I sent this patch to them last December, but
it is very low on their priority list.

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        Andrew Veliath,

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