Re: Window manager for screenshot.

Raja Vallee-Rai wrote:

> Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> >
> > fvwm2.  goto
> Hmm, thanks!
> Say, I tried following the instructions and unzipping the
> FvwmTheme.tar.gz in my home directory, and it works sort of... none of
> my windows have the neat decorations.
> I have fvwm2.0.46 installed, as it comes out of the box for RedHat 5.0.
> Does anybody know what the problem could be?  (fvwm2 doesn't complain
> about not being able to find) the styles, and as far as I can tell it
> does load windowstyles.fvwm2 which defines the title bars.

 I had to twiggle with Style "*" UseStyle GreenLinestyle and replaced it
 Style "*"    UseDecor GreenLine, Color grey20/#336666

then it worked for me :)

Philipp Meier /
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