Re: Gnome from CVS breakage

>> This appears to be some code in configure which your sh does not
>> accept.  This could be a bug in, some `.m4' file,
>> autoconf, or your sh.  It is hard to tell without more information.

John> Hmmm, so if the sh can't find the .m4 file, you could end up
John> with syntax errors in your configure file?

That's one possibility.  In this case the bug is really in the user's
environment, though, and not any place I mentioned.  What I was trying
to say is that it's possible that the shell is misinterpreting the
expanded form of the .m4 file.

For this particular error we really need to see the text from
configure.  I'd just look at my configure, but I doubt I'd find the
failing line (what if the line numbers changed, etc).

John> In my case, I used ./ --prefix=/opt for compiling
John> glib...where should I symlink my .m4 files?  Should I do:
John>   ln -s /opt/share/aclocal/glib.m4 /usr/share/aclocal
John> and so forth?

The files must be findable by `aclocal'.  However, usually
passes `-I macros' to aclocal, so you shouldn't have to symlink the
.m4 files anywhere.


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