Re: all the docs

On 14 Jul 1998, Preben Randhol wrote:

> * Mark Galassi
> | This is a weird question.  If they're on the web, then they can be
> | downloaded, right?  Maybe I'm missing something about what you are
> | asking.
> Not so.
> He's asking for a proper SGML document (as this is the chosen
> documentation tool) that can be converted to PS and downloaded as a
> file ready to be sent to the printer.

 Actually, if there were text versions of the files so I dont have to
click, print, back; click, print, back; click, print, back. For instance,
just to print out the gettings started using a web browser would take 8
different print sessions. While I am lazy, I dont like to waste an hour or
so clicking and printing.

 I would also prefer not to print the GFX on the web page, allthough they
are nice, its a waste of ink. A text version of each of the subsets,
Architecture, getting started, writing apps, etc.. would be helpful.

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