Re: gtk-- / gtk+ incompatibility

On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, James Porritt wrote:

> I downloaded gtk-- (in order to play gnome nethack :) today but it
> complains when it cant find gtkaccelerator.h which I think I remember
> hearing was removed, and replaced with some other files. Is there any
> news as to when gtk-- will be brought up to date?
> Thanks in advance,
> Poz.

Two things.  First, gnome nethack hasn't been gnomeified.  I stopped
work on it when I became very sick a couple of months ago.  I am just
now getting my strength back, and I plan on continuing work on it very
soon.  Right now, gnomehack only works in console mode, or Athena widget
mode (i.e. it won't work or even compile using Gtk--).  There remains a 
lot of work to do before it will be usable.  Contributions are (as always) 

Second, the latest version of Gtk-- (as stated in the release notes)
is broken.  The last version known to actually work, according to the release
notes (, is gtk--0.9.7

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