Re: all the docs

* Mark Galassi

| This is a weird question.  If they're on the web, then they can be
| downloaded, right?  Maybe I'm missing something about what you are
| asking.

Not so.

He's asking for a proper SGML document (as this is the chosen
documentation tool) that can be converted to PS and downloaded as a
file ready to be sent to the printer.

If would be very nice if a documentation team could be organised. If
you want Gnome too be taken seriously I think this is a minimum
requirement. Not producing proper documentation is of course a Very
Bad Thing (TM), even though it might not be so fun to write
it. Btw. glance at the YOGA Project: <>

As long as Gnome isn't documented in SGML it isn't Gnome :) At least
that is the requirement for applications right?

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