Re: LyX (was Re: Maxwell/GNOME)

* Tom Tromey
| Preben> The LyX people will recode LyX so that there should be a GUI
| Preben> independent core.
| Yeah, but we basically have to wait until they actually do this.  So
| this plan has to be weighed against the possibility that they'll
| actually not do so.

Yes this is true [not all that likely I hope though:)]. But one can
take an interest in the project and follow it until it is ready for a
Gtk GUI then things might go smoother when porting...

| Preben> They want a GTK version eventually.
| Another problem is that Gtk != Gnome.  It's easy to imagine scenarios
| where a Gtk-ified LyX is still not really a Gnome application.  For
| instance, what if it can't support our document model?  It would
| probably be worthwhile to address this with the LyX developers sooner
| rather than later.

Of course I intend to make GTK app and "port" them to Gnome when the
work, but I'd like too see the porting from a GTK app to a GNOME app
as easy as possible. I think this is important if we want people to
make gnome apps.

It should not be too hard to port the documents from LaTeX to SGML. I
like LaTeX, but I do not like SGML yet. Tried to get the hang of it
through the tutorial from the Gnome site, but I cannot say that I
found everything very logical.

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