Re: Maxwell/GNOME

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, William Morgan wrote:

> Anyone else think it might be neat to GNOMEify Maxwell
> (
> It's a very nice-looking program. Written in C++ for Motif, so I guess
> it would be easiest to deal with GTK--... how far along is that? 
> My real question is whether people think it would be worth it to port it
> to GTK, as opposed to getting it to work with LessTif, which would be
> far easier. 

It probably builds out of box with lesstif (most things do these days),
but a real GNOME port would be neat - it looked awesome when DrMike tried
it yesterday, and it would definitely be a nice alternative to (the sadly
not-yet-there) gwp.

If you're interested in having a go at it, there are at least a couple
people (Miguel, Chris Toshok, me) who have ported Xt & Motif apps to Gtk,
so ask on the list if you have any questions. If you get adventurous,
writing a "Motif -> Gtk porting guide" would be really neat! :)

Sounds cool,
-- Elliot
Forget chickens, I want to know whether the assembler or the OS came first.

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