Re: ANNOUCE: GnomePager (FVWM2 Pager module for Gnome)

> I just made the first alpha of GnomePager, a FVMW2 module which can be 
> swallowed by the panel and implements a subset of the fvwm2 FvwmPager
> module. Eventually it will become a gnome applet as soon as i figure
> out jhow to make it working as a FVWM module and an applet the same
> time. It has bugs and memorty leaks, but it enables me to use the
> panel in my working environment. And i hope for some feedback about
> the items in the TODO file and some hints about the automake,
> aclocal,autoconf combo used by Gnome.
> The URL is <>

right now i could recommend you change the name.. gnome is already
including a pager applet for IceWM, which could get confusing when there's
also an Fvwm pager and you can't distinguish between them by their names.

maybe the two could be merged, and the WM supported could be selectable in
a popup menu of some sort? or maybe in a preferences dialog?
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