Re: ANNOUCE: GnomePager (FVWM2 Pager module for Gnome)

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998 wrote:

> > I just made the first alpha of GnomePager, a FVMW2 module which can be 
> > swallowed by the panel and implements a subset of the fvwm2 FvwmPager
> > module. Eventually it will become a gnome applet as soon as i figure
> > out jhow to make it working as a FVWM module and an applet the same
> > time. It has bugs and memorty leaks, but it enables me to use the
> > panel in my working environment. And i hope for some feedback about
> > the items in the TODO file and some hints about the automake,
> > aclocal,autoconf combo used by Gnome.
> > The URL is <>
> right now i could recommend you change the name.. gnome is already
> including a pager applet for IceWM, which could get confusing when there's
> also an Fvwm pager and you can't distinguish between them by their names.
> maybe the two could be merged, and the WM supported could be selectable in
> a popup menu of some sort? or maybe in a preferences dialog?

What needs to be done is for someone to take the winlist applet, or just
write a new one, and make a generic way for any window manager author to
add pager/window list support to "the Gnome pager/window list applet". 
That'll give the most consistent UI, and be the easiest, in the long run. 

-- Elliot
Forget chickens, I want to know whether the assembler or the OS came first.

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