ANNOUCE: GnomePager (FVWM2 Pager module for Gnome)

I just made the first alpha of GnomePager, a FVMW2 module which can be 
swallowed by the panel and implements a subset of the fvwm2 FvwmPager
module. Eventually it will become a gnome applet as soon as i figure
out jhow to make it working as a FVWM module and an applet the same
time. It has bugs and memorty leaks, but it enables me to use the
panel in my working environment. And i hope for some feedback about
the items in the TODO file and some hints about the automake,
aclocal,autoconf combo used by Gnome.

The URL is <>

Michael Lausch/g.a.m.s. edv dienstleistungen gmbh
See my web page <> or query PGP key server for PGP key.
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away".
                -- Philip K. Dick

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