Re: db2html

    Michael> Actually, had just tried that, and it worked.

I guess that the trick (touching all the .html files) is a good one
for the compile FAQ.  Chris, was it you maintaining that one?

    Michael> However, since I already fetched the DocBook tools, I may
    Michael> as well install them ... what's a HD for, after all?

OK, but watch out: you might want the stylesheets-0.2 version from the
ftp site, since the latest ones use different filenames for the
generated html (book1.html instead of book01.html, for example) and I
have not yet completely cleaned things out.

I am working on incorporating the new jadetex stuff, which will give
us good quality free printed docs, and once that is ready I will also
clean up the GNOME documentation building.  For now, the best is to
grab stylesheets-0.2...

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