Re: db2html

    > I said
    >> Hmm: it should not be required because we also have the .html
    >> files in CVS, but you can get the whole docbook suite at

    Michael> The notes at the top of gnome-core/core-docs/Makefile
    Michael> include the note [snipped]

The note in the Makefile which you quote mirrors what I said in my
first paragraph: we ship the HTML, and we check it into CVS.

Did you get your distribution from CVS or from a tarball?

If the former, then the fact that CVS is not timestamp-preserving
might explain why make thinks it has to re-generate the html files.

If the latter, then I am surprised because tar preserves timestamps.

In any case, if you try installing the DocBook RPMs it might work.

I will be announcing new RPMs soon, and when I do I will also outline
how it affects generating GNOME docs.

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