Re: db2html

Mark Galassi <> writes:

>     Michael> Where is db2html, required by gnome-core, to be found?
> Hmm: it should not be required because we also have the .html files in 
> CVS, but you can get the whole docbook suite at

The notes at the top of gnome-core/core-docs/Makefile include the note

# automake does not yet dig .sgml files, so for now the DocBook files
# must be extra_dist.  Also, in the future we should distribute the
# HTML files so that people without DocBook can still use the docs.

# This is ugly and quickly copied from the gtt approach because I need
# to get the help files properly installed and the Red Hat 5.1 freeze
# is today (1998 May 4)

Michael D. Harnois, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Washburn, IA             
"The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, 
 is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side." -- James Baldwin

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