Re: Document-oriented interface

On  3 Jul, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Currently, I am leaning towards implementing OLE2-like interfaces for
> the Document model.  These OLE2-like interfaces would be sitting on
> top of CORBA.  
I won't flood you about other free ORBs.

Instead I'll continue to challenge the OLE2 model. I'm still under the
impression that OLE2 is targeted toward helping large, Microsoft-scale
applications talk to each other.

I'm quite willing to be talked out of that impression, but I think it's
quite important that an document object model be selected that is geared
for smaller scale applications to interoperate. Because of the distri-
buted nature of Linux development, allowing small pieces to work
together to build a large-scale application is particularly appropriate.

I'm not meaning to bring up an OpenDoc/OLE war, because I don't think
it has to be that way. But I think scale issues are essential here.

Dale Pontius

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