Re: Document-oriented interface

> Sorry for maybe quite stupid question.
> I've found two similar ideas conserning document-oriented interface
> under Ideas/Proposals section of Gnome homepage ( btw, I can no more
> access to Kenneth Pedersen's page,
> but I've managed to read this in good old days... )
> So, the quiestion is: what is the destiny of these ideas? Are they going
> to be implemented? Are they implemented already?

Yes.  They are going to be implemented.

Currently, I am leaning towards implementing OLE2-like interfaces for
the Document model.  These OLE2-like interfaces would be sitting on
top of CORBA.  

The problem we are facing right now is that we lack a suitable CORBA
for the project, so some of the GNOME team is working in implementing
this.  Dick Porter and Elliot Lee are leading this project (Called

Now, before I get flooded with mails about the other free CORBA
implementations, here is a list of things we need, so before mailing
me about your free CORBA implementation, make sure it:

	1. It is OpenSource (check

	2. Has at least the authentication support built in.

	3. It provides C bindings.

	4. Does not abuse C++ templates.

	5. Provides DSI/DII.

	6. Implements the CORBA 2.2 spec (at least provides the POA).

best wishes,

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