problems with


maybe this is a silly question, but does not work for
me. It says among other things:

You should add the contents of 
`/public/gnu/libtool-1.2/share/aclocal/libtool.m4' to `aclocal.m4'.

aclocal.m4 does not exists, so I copied .../libtool.m4 to
aclocal.m4. But does still not work:

> --prefix=/public/gnu/gnome
processing .
`aclocal' will also look in `macros'
aclocal: 17: macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library
support/ BUILD_GNOME_SUPPORT does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL
support/ @LTLIBOBJS@ seen but never set in `'
running ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode --prefix=/public/gnu/gnome
loading cache ./config.cache
./configure: syntax error at line 532: `AM_CONFIG_HEADER' unexpected

What is the problem?

	bmg (unbezahlter SysOp)

"Des is völlig wurscht, was heut beschlos- | M G Berberich
 sen wird: I bin sowieso dagegn!"          |
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