Re: image/data loader CORBA instance?

dirk@Elfe.lfm.RWTH-Aachen.DE said:
// in the last weeks Mark Rae and I thought about an scientific
// application for GNOME. This app would be based on CORBA for the
// different parts. Our ideas are not finished yet, and I donīt know if
// we are even doing it.  

As you may remember, I proposed a port of scilab to gnome some weeks ago.
For the moment, I was able to design a main (gtkTTY) window in which
readline waits for user commands and send them to scilab. That's not
so exciting, because scilab already comes with its own (Xaw) interface, 
and the only advantage of this gnome "port" is that th main window is 
a bit prettier. But this is not enough to justify a gnome-version of scilab.

So I'm currently writting a scientific visu tool for gnome which would
be the equivalent of KDE's Korigin. My goal is to link gnome-scilab
to this gnome-visu with a corba interface. 

So your proposal seems very interesting, you should be careful with 
the restriction it would impose. For example, scilab team had to defined
many data types, to handle, for example rational matrices, lists and so on...

Also, could you be more precise about the kind of sci app you were talking about? Is it a specific one, or is it a bigger project?



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