Re: some comments

Michael Zucchi writes:
 > > I have some comments to gnome UI:
 > > 
 > > 	* what about a new loadfile dialog with enhanced features like
 > > just-one-click to change dir, with icons, etc. (similar to that in KDE).
 > > The one that offers Gtk+ works well, but it is a bit ugly (sorry :-)
 > Yes, i'm looking into this at present.  I'm afraid it might not be
 > 'beautiful' to look at, but it will be intuitive to use - from
 > keyboard or mouse.  Definite emphasis on functionality and using
 > screen real-estate wisely.

Just a thought, but you might consider the Acorn RiscOS way of doing
things for loading and saving (most people in the UK will have seen
this, most Americans won't, and apologies for the misdescription cos I
never use Acorns ;-) ). For loading they provide a hollow where you
drop the file you want to use (this could presumably be extended to
several hollows where you're loading multiple files at the same time,
rather than popping up sequential file dialogs) and for saving you're
presented with a file icon and a name editing area so that you can
change the icon's name and then drop it into the right directory.

This is all very mouse-centric, I know, but it's very comfortable to

On another note, assuming theming would allow you to change the code
rather than just the textures of widgets, you'd be able to configure
what file dialog to use and have your custom dialog be used throughout
your Gnome desktop.  (Well, it's a nice dream, if complicated to put
into practice, but I'm sure it's got to be easier than replacing the
UNIX fs with the AVFS without letting the application know...)


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