Re: some comments

> I have some comments to gnome UI:
> 	* what about a new loadfile dialog with enhanced features like
> just-one-click to change dir, with icons, etc. (similar to that in KDE).
> The one that offers Gtk+ works well, but it is a bit ugly (sorry :-)

Yes, i'm looking into this at present.  I'm afraid it might not be
'beautiful' to look at, but it will be intuitive to use - from
keyboard or mouse.  Definite emphasis on functionality and using
screen real-estate wisely.

Once I get it working i'm sure it can be more beautified anyway :)

It looks a bit like a single gmc window, at the moment.

Still very early stages yet, I'm just poking around gtk, when I have
time, looking for the right bits to do the stuff I want it to do.


     ///   `... thinking is an exercise to which all too few brains
    ///     are accustomed.' - First Lensman, E.E. `Doc' Smith
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