Re: Gnobots - Robots game for Gnome

>> I have written a Gnome version of the BSD 'robots' game which
>> includes the ability to have multiple animated themes for the robot
>> and player graphics, and includes a safe teleport option so you
>> don't die purely because of bad luck.

Robots is probably my favorite computer game.  So imagine my dismay
when I built gnobots and found out that it doesn't work for me!  When
I run it, I get a window whose "contents" are blank.  The "New" option
apparently does nothing.  Any clues?  I'm running a Red Hat 4 box.

BTW, my favorite version of robots (called "Daleks") had a nice
feature: the sonic screwdriver.  You could use the sonic screwdriver
once per level; it vaporized all the robots immediately around you.


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