Problems with i18n

	Hello there.

	I'm now learning the basics of GNOME programming and I have found 
problems with internationalization.

	I have a very simple program which I wrote to test how to
internationale, it has the proper #include <gnome.h> and the _() and N_()
in the strings. Then I type 'xgettext -a -n file.c' to obtain the .pot 
file but nothing happens, this file doesn't appear.

	Then I tried it with a standard gnome program, gmix, in 
gnome-media-0.20.src: I go to gmix directory and type 'xgettext -a -n 
gmix.c', but the .pot file doesn't appear.

	I have read gettext man&ingo pages but with no success ...
Does anybody know what I'm doing bad?

	Thanks in advance:

                                                             INIGO SERNA

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