Re: PLANNED PROJECT: GTK/Gnome CDR burning program

On Tue, Jun 30, 1998 at 07:58:23PM -0400, andy wrote:
> Tom Vogt wrote:
> > why reinvent xcdroast if you can port it?
> > 
> a look at the xcdroast sources. What language is xcdroast
> written in?  PERL is probably what I am most comfortable
> with, I have done some basic C coding, (played with GTK
> tutorial also).

Its a TCL app. One thing I haven't seen yet, which would be neat, is a 
port of TK to gtk.

> One other thing, I have already written some Perl4 code I
> use at work to interface mkisofs and cdrecord on a SunOS
> box.   

xcdroast seems to be a very complete cd writing tool - it handles data
and audio (and mixed data/audio) cds cleanly, including previewing (or
should that be prelistening) to audio tracks as they are read.

> Andy Tarkinson                   "That was the day my

- Dick

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