Re: PLANNED PROJECT: GTK/Gnome CDR burning program

Tom Vogt wrote:
> andy <> wrote:
> > I was just wondering if anyone was planning or working on a
> > GTK/Gnome program to burn CDRs.  If not I am going to do
> > it.  I plan on using Perl/GTK.  It is basically a GUI
> > interface for mkisofs and cdrecord.
> why reinvent xcdroast if you can port it?
> sorry if I sound accusing, but you did not name a reason to do a lot of work
> a second time. maybe it is pretty obvious, but I do not see it.

That's a good point but I not sure for myself if porting an
existing app would be easier or not.  I'm not an "expert"
programmer by far and this would be my first real project. 
I thought it would be a good learing experience.  I'll take
a look at the xcdroast sources. What language is xcdroast
written in?  PERL is probably what I am most comfortable
with, I have done some basic C coding, (played with GTK
tutorial also).

One other thing, I have already written some Perl4 code I
use at work to interface mkisofs and cdrecord on a SunOS

Andy Tarkinson                   "That was the day my
dead        pet returned to save my life!"

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