Re: "Official" gnome window manager

Jim Pick writes:
 > I don't agree with people who would use the Gnome project to advocate
 > 'one true wm' for all users.  We'll never get everybody to agree and
 > it will lead to endless bickering and politics.

If we can't agree on a single wm to ship, then we can't agree on a
single look and feel.  Arguably this is the point of themes, but then
a "Gnome-compatible" wm will implement themes; those that don't are
not Gnome-compatible.

The whole point behind Gnome is to have a set of applications which
operate in a similar manner, so that knowledge about how to run one
can be transferred to another.  The wm is just another application
which should operate in a similar manner.  If we can coerce one or
more wm's to work in that similar manner, fine.  If not, then we
should modify one so it does.

Can people run non-Gnome applications with Gnome installed?  Sure.
Will other wm's run with Gnome?  Sure.  That is not an argument for
not shipping a wm with Gnome.

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