Re: Fix for tear-off toolbars

Um, Max?  It's really rude to use a munged address on a mailing list.
Like, basically, why are you so wonderful that I should have to take
special steps to fix your broken email address?  I suggest that you
just deal with spam like the rest of us.

Max Watson writes:
 > Just un-tgz this file in the gtk+/gtk directory and "patch -s < wmhints.patch"
 > This file also contains MwmUtil.h from the lesstif package. Mucho thanks to
 > the lesstif people.

The MwmUtil.h was somehow a compressed tar file of wmhints.patch.
The right file is at

 > And with a port of wmx on the way from Elliot Lee, that gives GNOME
 > users a choice from at least three window managers to use. That
 > seems to me to be very good.

No reason why Gnome shouldn't come with > 1 wm.  I think most
complainers (myself included) have been saying that it shouldn't come
with < 1 wm.

 > Now all we need is for someone to patch (if necessary) fvwm. Then
 > EVERYONE can be happy. Except maybe those pie menu people.


-russ <>
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