Re: question about panel info in status report

Paul Hepworth wrote:
> Question:  the comment about "always running the panel on startup" makes
> me a bit curious.

Many people have also said the gsm(or whatever the session manager is
called) will be the first thing started.

> For example, I like to use icewm, which includes a windows-like task
> bar.  I see no reason to also run a panel.  I can use the task bar to
> start programs, show tasks, show mail, etc.  What does the panel do that
> I'd need?

Well, I'm sure all of these needs would be satisfied, but you would get
the added benefit of further gnome integration.  I can currently do all
the same things using Wharf w/ AfterStep.

> If I do need it, can the panel be made to look and behave
> similarly to the icewm taskbar?

that sounds like a themes issue;^)


Jason Gilbert | |

"The total job will be in the software, and we'll be able to write big
fat programs. We can let them run somewhat inefficiently because there
will be so much horsepower that just sits there. The real focus won't
be who can cram it down in, or who can do it in machine language. It
will be on who can define the right user interface and properly
integrate the main packages." -- Bill Gates, PC Magazine 1982

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