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"Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn" <> writes:

> On 6 Feb 1998, Jim Pick wrote:
> > Two things I like about acroread - the anti-aliased fonts (very
> > readable), and the ability to zoom at any scale.  If a gv-like front
> > end had those features, I'd love it.
> Jim,
> 	Actually, gv has those features.  (Look in the menus for
> anti-aliasing...  Maybe you need a more recent version of ghostview?)  And
> zooming?  Try the middle or right mouse button.  I don't remember which.
> You can zoom to any level.

I guess I knew all that, I should have been more specific in my

The anti-aliasing in gv sucks compared to acroread (that's why it's
not on by default, I guess) - it's like the Win95 excuse for
anti-aliasing.  Basically, it's such poor quality that it makes things
harder to read rather than easier.  I like the anti-aliasing in
acroread - it actually makes stuff in small point sizes readable.

And the zoom feature in gv only works for fixed ratios.  I think it
could be done a lot better.  I suppose it's probably primarily a
limitation of the interface to gs.  It would be nice to see a
multi-threaded library backend onto gs.  (Maybe dgs does this?)

I still like gv though.


 - Jim

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