Re: 1998-12-29 buglist

In message <>, Jason L Tibbitts III 
| >>>>> "EL" == Elliot Lee <> writes:
| EL> fvwm2 2.0.46 seems to barf on gtk_window_set_policy().
| Could someone elaborate here?  FVWM-workers has seen no mention of this,
| and if it doesn't happen to any other WM then it's probably an FVWM bug.
| Of course, 2.0.46 is a bit out of date.

Some of us prefer not to use alpha-level window managers in production 
environments; 2.0.46 is the latest *released* version.  (If the panel dies, 
I'll survive.  If the window manager dies it will be at best extremely 
inconvenient and at worst could cause significant damage [AFS doesn't much 
like certain operations being interrupted...]).

That said, I havn't seen this one, either (I think; what are the symptoms?  
But "barfs" implies the problem would be fairly obvious).

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