Re: CVS doesn't like its own checkouts???

Yes, I remember this too.  I wrote to Jeff Garzik (since I gathered he 
was MUCH more knowledgeable on this stuff than I) and he said, yes, use 
checkout all the time -- because in the worst case it just does the same 
thing as update, but in the best case it prevents some nasty bug with 


On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, Brandon S. Allbery wrote:

> +----- From: Jonathan Sergent <>
> | In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.981219083944.7937B-100000@spootown>, Gleef writes:
> |  ] It's been happening since long before GNOME_STABLE has been a tag, but so
> |  ] far my commands pretty much match yours.  I only see it during a checkout
> |  ] of an existing module, but as included modules come and go, one has to
> |  ] recheckout regularly to catch the new modules.
> | 
> | That's just the thing.  Don't checkout existing modules; update them.
> +--->8
> Two weeks ago "update -dP" was deprecated as doing the wrong thing with
> submodules.  Have the rules changed again, and if so why wasn't there an
> announcement?
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