Re: CVS doesn't like its own checkouts???

+----- From: Jonathan Sergent <>
| In message <199812181737.MAA03403@ECE.CMU.EDU>, "Brandon S. Allbery" writes:
|  ] Invariably when updating ORBit, gnome-libs, and gnome-core (the ones with 
|  ] the sticky tags) I must remove the modules and re-checkout them; 
|  ] otherwise, every single file in each module gets "move away <file>; it 
|  ] is in the way".  IOW if 
|  ] I sticky-tag it it doesn't want me to ever update it.  :-(
| This doesn't happen to me with the cvs-1.10.2-1 RPM from RH 5.2.
| What command are you using for update?

(. .ENV-gnome; cvs -z4 get -rGNOME_STABLE gnome-libs gnome-core)

.ENV-gnome points to the DNS round-robin currently, although I have a
.ENV-fixme that points to as a backup :-)

As it turns out, I was wrong about it being every file in the module; it's
the linked modules (macros, libvfs, libart_lgpl, ...) that won't update

This is happening at home (RH5.0 with RH5.2's CVS package) and at work
(SPARC Ultra 10, Solaris 2.5.1, cvs-1.10.4).

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