Re: Freeze is too early

In message <000401be2914$fdf6b080$8ae3b697@gandalf>, "Warren Baird" writes:
| > You have it 100% backwards.  The freeze is so we can *fix* these
| > problems,
| > rather than go off scatter-shot after lots of new features, leaving the
| > current stuff broken.
| Where I work we make the distinction between a feature freeze (where you
| can't add new features or functionality, but you can fix bugs to your hearts
| content), and a code freeze (where things only get changed to fix show
| stopper bugs).
| I presume that the current gnome freeze is more of a feature freeze than a
| code freeze?

As I understand it, yes, it's a feature freeze.  A code freeze may follow 
later, but for now the idea is to concentrate on making it work instead of 
adding new features.

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