Re: File selection dialog changes

At 01:07 PM 12/15/98 -0800, Bradley Bell wrote:
>How's this:
>It should only give you the option to rename if there IS a conflict. i.e.:
>You do a "save as" or whatever,
>and type in "file.txt".
>Then it says: "file.txt exists, would you like to Overwrite the old file,
>Rename the old file, Append (?) the old file, or Cancel (and type a new
>That would seem to me to be the best way to limit choice for new users, if
>that is the goal.

I don't think that limiting anything is a desirable goal.  The goal is to
make the users life/work easier.

I'm another user that heavily uses the functions of the mini-explorer.
(Actually I don't think it is a "mini", I believe that it actually is an
embedded explorer.)  At the point of saving a file I frequently do quick
file system manipulations, especially when using Netscape and I'm saving a
page or a file.

Having said that, I like to stress that the file existence checking should
still be done.

Tom Jenkins                    Windows Developer
DevIS                          Linux Evangelist
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I could buy Microsoft."

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