Re: db2html, libpixmap, gdm...

> 1). can anyone tell me where I can get db2html. I have jade etc, but the
> db2* scripts are not included. I found a couple of sites that went on
> about the 'free tools' that come with jade including db2html, but
> couldn't find them anywhere. Are they part of another Gnome package I
> haven't yet checked out ?
On my DEBIAN Slink there is also no db2html installed. I found db2html on
but I didn't test it. For building I'm currently using a script, that does
nothing (echo "#!/bin/sh" > db2html && chmod +x db2html).
BTW why does the configure script not test for db2html and skip the docs
without it?

> 2). I keep getting messages about being unable to load libpixmap from
> the panel - I assume some of the applets (that keep disappearing) must
> be trying to use it. Is this a Gnome library, or another package that I
> need to install ?
libpixmap is the great Pixmap engine and part of Gtk+ Themes. Just get
gtk-engines from CVS and install it.

Cheers, Martin.

| Martin Hawlisch                           |
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