Throughout the past 2 weeks as I easily compile glib,gtk,libIDL,and
ORBit but can never get gnome-libs to compile.  A problem I've ran into
several times is it bailing out because it can't find 


in the libgnomeui directory.  The only place I've found this file is in
the gnome-libs-0.3.1 source tree but if I try to copy that one in (I
never thought it would actually work in the first place) I get stuff

gnome-canvas-image.c:86: `GTK_TYPE_GDK_IMLIB_IMAGE' undeclared (first
use this function)

and then it errors out.  I imagine this is because of using the older

is gnome.defs a generated file or am I just managing not to get it with
every cvs checkout of gnome-libs I do?

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