Re: game programming

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:13:02 -0500, <MigueldeIcaza>

>> For mico at least I have seen Gtk CORBA support, so you can just define
>> some objects in your GUI codespace which can be called (called back)
>> from the engine, same thing goes other way 'round.
>> I am sure if you prefer ORBit, there must be something similar there.
>The event loop for ORBit application is in the CVS module "baboon" in
>the "libgnorba" directory.  I think we should put that main loop in
>ORBit instead.

There's no actual event loop (you use gtk_main()), you just call
gnome_CORBA_init() instead of gnome_init() and pass an extra argument in. It
doesn't really belong in ORBit, because it is gnome-specific more than
ORBit-specific. libgnorba will hold lots of other generic stuff that
CORBA-using GNOME programs will find handy, so it's probably better to keep

Whenever Owen moves the main loop stuff into glib, this will become totally
irrelevant, so no point in moving it just temporarily. 

-- Elliot
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