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On Thu, 30 Apr, 1998 at 06:51:47PM +0200, Mark Galassi set free these words:
>     Andreas> Hi!  I've jsut wondered how to use jade/etc. from the rpm
>     Andreas> to generate any output. (Seems like all tutorials talk
>     Andreas> about the content of .sgml file, but not how to make
>     Andreas> .html/.tex/etc. out of it.)
> I think that my tutorials
> tells you something, but I will have to check if it is up to date.
> Anyway, you can use "db2html", "db2rtf", "db2dvi" and "db2ps".
I think db2ps is somewhat broken (I haven't been able to get it to ps'ify any
of the docs on my system.)  However, `db2dvi foo.sgml` followed by
`dvips -o foo.dvi` seems to work fine.  (db2ps is just a script that
does this with a few error checks... should find out why it's failing....)

Could you also look into rpm'ing the docbook to man formatter?  I haven't had
time to look into this yet.... (If you don't have time either would you like
to put it on your site once I do have time, so all the docbook tools are in
one place?)

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