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Paul Seelig <> writes:

> (Dewit Gert) writes:
> > Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn wrote:
> > 
> > >         I've been playing around with Gnome for a while, and while I
> > > haven't had any time to actually do any work yet, I do have a request.  Is
> > > it possible to add tear off menus, not just tear off menu bars to gnome?
> > 
> > They are allready there, take a look at
> >
> > 
> No, they are obviously not.  A search on this page for the word "tear"
> only reveals: 
> 	The menubar and toolbar will be tearable, meaning the user can
> 	drag them from the GNOME application and put them anywhere
> 	they like.
> There is a huuuuge difference between "tear off menu bars" and "tear
> off menus".  The latter allow multiple complete menus to float on the
> desktop minimizing repeated mouse clicking considerably.  The "tear
> off menu bars" as currently supported by KDE and Gnome are pretty much
> pointless since they don't really offer any real advantage. Just fire
> up a recent "nedit" or the IMHO fantastic HTML editor "asWedit" from
> "" and click on the dotted line of menu to see
> what is actually longed for.  Even a Tcl/Tk application like "tkinfo"
> supports this incredibly useful feature, although i like the Motif
> behaviour of it very much better.  This is one of the basic things i'm
> really missing when forced to use the mouse.
>                                               P. *8^)

 Can't you do this by connecting to the select/unselect signals of the 
menubar to gtk_menu_popup the chosen menus ?
 Obviously this means they would have to be tied to the menubar, but
is that such a big problem ?

# James Antill --
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