I've been playing around with Gnome for a while, and while I
haven't had any time to actually do any work yet, I do have a request.  Is
it possible to add tear off menus, not just tear off menu bars to gnome?  

	Tear off menus are a GREAT help if they're coded correctly.  They
need to have window decoration. (so you can drag them around if they're in
a bad spot, close them, etc.)  

	Tear off menus are gaining acceptance in many applications.
BBEdit now has an interface which, while it isnt' REALLY tear off menus,
supplies the same feel.  (And this interface gets RAVE reviews.)  NEDIT
(which many people use) has tear off menus.  (Although undecorated menus
just annoy me.)  ICAL (and most other tk applications) have tear off
menus.  This makes them very user friendly.  Microsoft Word has tear off
menus now!  (Don't believe me?  Try it!  It's in the shape drawing

	Come on...  Please?  Or is this an example of DIY?  (And I'll have
to go about it in 2 months when I have time again.)


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