Re: Menubars (Dewit Gert) writes:

> Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn wrote:
> >         I've been playing around with Gnome for a while, and while I
> > haven't had any time to actually do any work yet, I do have a request.  Is
> > it possible to add tear off menus, not just tear off menu bars to gnome?
> They are allready there, take a look at
No, they are obviously not.  A search on this page for the word "tear"
only reveals: 

	The menubar and toolbar will be tearable, meaning the user can
	drag them from the GNOME application and put them anywhere
	they like.

There is a huuuuge difference between "tear off menu bars" and "tear
off menus".  The latter allow multiple complete menus to float on the
desktop minimizing repeated mouse clicking considerably.  The "tear
off menu bars" as currently supported by KDE and Gnome are pretty much
pointless since they don't really offer any real advantage. Just fire
up a recent "nedit" or the IMHO fantastic HTML editor "asWedit" from
"" and click on the dotted line of menu to see
what is actually longed for.  Even a Tcl/Tk application like "tkinfo"
supports this incredibly useful feature, although i like the Motif
behaviour of it very much better.  This is one of the basic things i'm
really missing when forced to use the mouse.
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