GNOME in the press


today I read in a german magazin (ix) an article about CORBA, especially
mico CORBA. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the authors where two of the
involved developers. I wondered that they mentioned KDE as the only free
project which will support mico CORBA in the future. 

I sent a small email to the note to the newspaper and the responsible
author about the mico implementation in GNOME and ask about articles
concearning GNOME. The answers only stated that such an article is planed
for this summer.

I'm not sure, but in Germany I think people drive crazy when the hear KDE.
Ok, the main development group are germans, but it is mentioned here,
mentioned there, even whene it has nothing to do with it. I don't know
about other countries, but I think it is time for more publicity. I'm not
a journalist, nor a good writer. So perhaps someone else is interested in
this. For Germany I think there are the following interesting magazins:

ct		:
ix		:
LinuxMagazin	:

The latter one had a serie on KDE programming recently. I will do my very
best in writing readers notes to the author.


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