Re: Is there any document centred application framework done for Gnome?

Steve Dunham wrote:

> Therefore, I propose a compromise (It starts to get tricky here):
>  First: Have applications that use multiple windows map their windows
>   to toplevel and adhere to X standards (i.e., set the client leader).

GnomeMDI does something like this in the toplevel mode. It works fine
with WindowMaker.

>  Second: Have the gnome window manager give the user the choice of
>   reparenting all of the windows for a given application inside of
>   _one_ window, with appropriate GDI-like decorations.

This sounds nice, but I think that this shouldn't be handled by window
manager, at least if the so-many-times-mentioned window manager
independence is still an issue. And it might be tricky to implement.




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