Re: Is there any document centred application framework done for Gnome? wrote:

>   I am asking if such a project as a document centred application
> frameworl (a la MFC or OWL) is being done for gnome.  If so, I would
> like to join it and contribute.  If not, it would be a nice thing to
> think about, wouldn't it?--- provided the MFC bloating and errors are
> not duplicated, nor the model.

I've been trying to code (sort of) a configurable Multiple Document
Interface on top of the GTK toolkit. You can check on it at
Unfortunately the code is still pretty messy although it seems to do
what it is supposed to fine. If it can be used as a base for further
development, I'll clean it up.

>   Is there an Multiple Windows Workplace (MDI) widget in preparation?
> If so, where can I find it?
The whole thing actually started as a MFC-like MDI widget and the code
contains two GTK widgets: GnomeMDIPouch (the container) and GnomeMDIRoo
(child windows), but these two are currently broken (I've stopped
working on them because most people around here seem to strongly dislike
the MS-like MDI). If they'd work as they should, they would be easily
integrated in the GnomeMDI object.



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