Re: Is there any document centred application framework done for Gnome?

  I wonder why people seem to dislike MDI frames that much.  They are
pretty handy, as far as I can tell from using them.  Actually, I do
prefer the MDI paradigm from emacs (the workspace is divided in as
many frames as the user wants with C-x 2 and C-x 3) for it is does not=20=

hide any thing from the user, but we could do then the
gtk_divided_frame widget, or something of that sort.

  If anyone, dispite the criticisms to MS (which are mostly
understandable and even justified) wishes to preservere in making a
Document Centred API and user interface available for the Gnome
programmers, let's hear about it.  Maybe some interesting ideas may
come to life.

  By the way, I wish to see if one has a document centered API to make=20=

an application pad that will be the start for a Universal Engeneering
Design Center.=20


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