Re: Icons of program

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Pick <> writes:

Jim> The only thing CORBA buys you vs. a shared library is the ability
Jim> for your method to be called from more languages without having
Jim> to hack individual bindings.

I think that's an important gain.  We seem to have problems keeping
the other language bindings for Gtk/Gnome up to date.  E.g., the Guile
binding is known to have many problems.

There's actually other gains from CORBA as well:

* Network transparency
* Can be implemented anywhere (shared libs are more universal
  than they used to be, though)

* I find that the process of writing the IDL helps me to focus on the
  interface per se; when writing something as a shared lib I often end
  up with something very implementation-dependent (meaning that
  replacing it with a different implementation would be hard).
  You might think that this gain is illusory, but I think in practice
  it probably isn't.

I do agree that our current ORB options are pretty bad.


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