Re: Icons of program writes:

> ->  It just struck me a few minutes ago that what I have been advocating is
> ->  really a Corba Service.  It's an interface available for use by any
> ->  application.
> corba isnt going anywhere.. e have a half-function c++ onyl bindigns
> orb.. it's missing lots of important stuff.. we can talk abotu corba
> all we want.. but we can't USE it til we have an orb that WORKS and

It's good to admit that we don't have an ORB that works well.  We can
still code stuff in an object-oriented manner (and chuck it in a
library), so we can turn it into a CORBA object implementation when we
do get a good ORB.

The only thing CORBA buys you vs. a shared library is the ability for
your method to be called from more languages without having to hack
individual bindings.


 - Jim

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