Re: WM hints again!!!!!!

At 08:15 AM 4/23/98 +0200, Marko Macek wrote:
>The next version of icewm will support: 
>   WIN_WORKSPACE to set the desktop window. Note that application will only
>   be on one workspace or sticky (like fvwm,kde,wmaker, but not like CDE
>   allows app to be in more than one)
>   WIN_LAYER to set things like desktop, below, normal, ontop, panel, ...
>      layers.
>   WIN_ICONS to set more than one mask/pixmap for icons.
>      - this is an extension of KWM_WIN_ICON which will also be supported
>	at least for now (hopefully KWM could switch to WIN_ICONS).
>   WIN_FLAGS to set sticky,maximized,hidden,shaded flags.
>And on the root window:
>   WIN_FEATURES - list of supported WIN_* properties.
>   WIN_WORKSPACE - current workspace
>   WIN_WORKSPACE_NAMES - names of workspaces.

Theses are great. I think this solves all of what GNOME needs from a window
manager. The WIN_WORKSPACE[_NAMES] feature would solve my horrible hack to
get a pager for icewm embedded in the panel. :) 

>If there are any more suggestions I'd like to hear them. Generally
>I'm against using GNOME_* prefixes, because it reduce chance of 
>other projects adopting the same properties.

Semantics. Call them "MARKS_TOO_COOL_HINTS" if you like. :)

>I will post exact spec for these properties today.

Cool. If you do, I'll start hacking on libgnomeui and the panel to support
it (if you haven't already). Also, I have an incomplete desktop pager I
have been working on for icewm, that I would be happy to contribute to
GNOME and/or icewm.

M.Watson <>


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