Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

I quite agree, though if you look at the rest of my post, you'll
see that I quite often use the filesystem as a form of easy to
configure database. I never intended to make non user editable
binary database records or anything the like. I just wanted to
avoid CDE & KDE's anoying tendency to leave little "." files
lieing around to save directory info.

I would, myself, use a growing tree to mirror the real file system
and have is apended when changes ocure. Also includeing multiple
filesystem records, so that while "/" is mirrored where necessary,
it does not have to be the only mirrored fs, you can have mirrors
of others, such as network connection data as well. (Eg, if you set
the icon as one file on a ftp site, it would record it localy)

Hmm, just as a side thought though, isn't there a limit on number of
file & directorys in a file system? Mabey tar files would be a better
idea. Sides, we can compress them :)

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