Re: Some of this, some of that, Idea's really.

Simple, from multiple points of view.

>From a programers, in that unless you actually need or at
least want interaction via distributed objects, and all the
pain & overhead they intail, you should probably go with a 
simpler solution, such a IPC & shared memory, which are both 
unix standards that get simple message &| data shareing done
with MUCH less fuss & very little overhead.

>From the users point of view, distributed objects take mucho
RESOURCES, and end up being quite a bit slower then other solutions.

Though really from the users perspective, there should be little
difference complexity wise, unless the programer was... different

In the end, I'm not against Corba in it's entirety, I just belive
it should be decided upon where it's the right solution, bound well
in that area, and for the most part left alone other then that.

Corba has it's place at the table, I just belive that it's place
is much farther down then most.

BTW: Yeah, is IS a @#$%! to program in, I've done it. Not fun.

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