Im not really sure if I belong on this list so please let me know. I'm
almost completely new to the world of linux, and since Gnome is the first
program I could succesfully install on the machine without getting error
messages I didn't understand I wanted to keep in touch about what's
happening. I found the whole installation smooth and now the only problem I
have is that I don't understand mahjjong (did i spell that right?) Anyway,
if you need a "what's this kill command do then?" person in any way i'd be
glad to be of assistance.

And i'm all for the footsteps and flowers for that matter, it gives the
whole project a friendly touch which is what you want for a no-know
user-friendly environment.


--------------------------------L I N U X-----------------------------------

I think I've got the hang of it now... :w :q :wq :wq! ^d X exit X Q
:quitbye CtrlAltDel ~~q :~q logout save/quit :!QUIT ^[zz ^[ZZ ZZZZ ^H ^@ ^L
^[c ^# ^E
 ^X ^I ^T ? help helpquit ^D ^d ^C ^c helpexit ?Quit ?q ^Kx /QY sync halt 


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